Aastha Verma

Creative Director & Production Head

Aastha Verma is a seasoned Director and Producer based in Los Angeles, with roots from India and the Middle East. Because of her multi-cultural background, she surrounds herself with stories that are built on ground reality and is a keen storyteller with female protagonists.

Her vision is to bring out hidden realities of any given society, to tell stories which are entertaining yet heartfelt and produce films that the viewers can enjoy as well as learn from.

Additionally, she is a graduate with her Master’s in Filmmaking from the acclaimed film school New York Film Academy, Los Angeles.

Striving to stand-out in an ever-growing new generation of filmmakers, Aastha works as a Film Director and Producer in Los Angeles. She is the Creative Director and Production Head at Saadhvish Films, operating offline out of Mumbai and Dubai (soon in Los Angeles).