Gabrielle Helfer

Film Composer

Gabrielle has worked as a film composer in Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. She has worked with many filmmakers on short films, features, podcasts, and web series. She  has written for and conducted musicians from the Seattle Symphony, the Susanville Symphony and the Seattle Collaborative Orchestra. Some of her notable work includes a Netflix film in the works and scored an indie film which received an accolade as the Billboard Women in Music Special Mention Award.  


Gabrielle loves the idea of scoring a wide variety of films aspiring to always challenge herself. In the next five years, Gabrielle sees working with the people she started out with and  making art with people that have been there since the beginning of this beautiful journey. She believes that there is no greater feeling than telling stories with a team that feels like a family.  She hopes  that  her music inspires other young artists to follow their own dreams of film composing.