What We Do

“A Goal without a Plan is just a wish” and hence, curating the right plan is our top priority to ensure a pleasurable experience leading up to the release of the film. From screenwriting, storyboarding, designing to editing, music and distribution; and everything in between – your dream is ours. At Saadhvish Films, we are readily available to help you carefully maneuver through each step of your production ventures with like-minded creatives.


Below listed are the services Saadhvish Films currently offers:

Writing & Development

Developing client ideas and stories into scripts and screenplays to bring them to the page with you and our in-house writer’s room.


Access to independent professional casting in the three regions of operation along with in-house technical, creative and physical production planning (line production).

Financial Planning

Creating dynamic and custom plans for pitches to potential financial partners and bringing projects afloat financially.


Bringing the stories to screen with a professional team of creatives from all over the world to ensure physical production is done with perfection and care.

Post Production

Access to independent in-house editors and studios providing complete services such as editing, visual effects, sound design and coloring.

Distribution & Marketing

Curating marketing and distribution plans, with access to top distributors in the three regions of operation and film festival strategies to ensure the film reaches the audiences.


“ Powerful & Gripping. The Last Rights is a film that motivates us to take a step back and think about women’s rights, especially in India.”

- Tushar Tyagi | Filmmaker


"The Last Rights is one-of-a-kind commentary on the times and situations that it depicts. It does what films rarely do: It gives hope for evolution and course-correction of social norms instead of just plain criticism. Through masterful camera work and editing, Aastha handles the sensitive subject with subtly and ease. It is definitely a must-watch for short film lovers!"

- Aditya Patwardhan | Film Director and Producer


"The Last Rights is Important and Daring"

- L.K. Advani | Ex-Deputy Prime Minister, India & Padma Vibhushan Recipient


"The Last Rights is a nicely poignant short film that shows a clear understanding of camera technique. The performances were a real treat!"

- DONNA SMITH | Producer, Former President of Physical Production & Post-Production, Universal Pictures


“The Last Rights touches upon a sensitive subject that requires a deep reflection. ”

- KAPISH MEHRA | Publisher & Managing Director, Rupa Publications