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In early 2018, an awe-inspiring chain of events led to the finding of Saadhvish Films. With a team of budding artists and working on over 50 short and long format movies individually – it was a long time coming that we would do something of our own. The inspiration is rooted from the memoir of Saadhana and Vishandas Sachdeva. Saadhvish Films stands as an ode to their legacy.  


“Bringing together a team of passion-driven and exhilarated artists based in the two biggest film industries in the world, Hollywood and Indian Cinema equates to a single equation – boundless dreams and engaging, all inclusive stories. We, at Saadhvish Films, aim to re-create realities with a panoramic astuteness with a global team.”

– Aastha Verma, Creative Director & Production Head

Films Made

Who We Are

‘Saadhvish Films’ is a production house with the goal of telling stories that speak to people in unique ways. Everyone that’s a part of the team has held the belief that film is the purest form of countenance, and every day here is about channeling that belief into producing riveting films of the highest quality. In the coming years, the company aims to be a producer and publisher of several large-scale independent titles.

  1. July, 2018

    The Unsung Feather

    A young African American girl Mindy struggles her way out between her middle-class family and complex surroundings to maintain her principal ballerina status at the California Ballet Company.

  2. November, 2018

    Saadhvish Films Founded

    Saadhvish Films was founded in 2018 to make social dramas and highlight the change-makers of our societies who have given the youth a voice. With the team of professionals who are young and enthusiastic, Saadhvish aims to make the movie-going experience more inclusive for people of different walks of life.

  3. March, 2019

    Work From Home Pvt. Ltd.

    Work From Home Pvt. Ltd. is  about an Indian housewife who is determined to be respected by her patriarchy-driven husband by taking part in a female entrepreneurship competition.

  4. May, 2019

    The Last Rights

    A young woman will challenge her society’s patriarchal traditions in order to give her deceased grandmother her last rites.

  5. December, 2019


    An impoverished single mother finds a way to heal a damaged relationship with her distant daughter by gifting her a pair of sandals on her first day of high school.


executive team

Anil Verma

Chief Executive Officer

Aastha Verma

Creative Director & Production Head

Indu Sachdeva Verma

Director of Physical Productions