In a co-production with Coromandel Productions, Saadhvish has supported Infosys with our end-to-end production and post-production services for the episode ‘The License to Dream – the Story of Vishnu Bhat’ – an episode in the online video series Infosys Stories. This episode highlights the journey of Vishnu Bhat, an entrepreneur that is pioneering the domestic production of Medical Devices, to usher in an age of self-reliance within India’s R&D sector.

It was early 2001. Vishnu Bhat, an IT professional based in California, happened to make a phone call to a friend in India. The friend, a diabetic, told him about his struggles to access the devices that help him manage his sugar levels better. The pump had to be imported, which took its own time, cost quite a bit, its availability and continued support was not guaranteed making it practically unviable. Hearing his friend talk about his struggles unsettled Vishnu. This phone call felt like a moment of reckoning. He knew had to do something about it. But what that thing would be, he did not know then.

Today, he does. As the co-founder, chairman, and managing director of Blueneem Medical Devices, Vishnu helps build affordable medical devices for patients across the world. The idea germinated in India, but the products support hospitals across several countries.

A plausible impossibility is better than a convincing possibility.


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